Stick and Rudder – Arturo Salazar

Arturo Salazar

Arturo Salazar

A skill set that is now vivid/lost in a world of modern jet aircraft. As a General Aviation pilot I value this skill set. I strongly believe any aviator without a thorough knowledge of operating tailwheel aircraft is a pilot unaware of the safety issues that could end a career or their life.

This is why I did my research, and found a quality, safe school that made flying fun and educational. South Oaks Aerodrome (05N) not only provides a friendly face, but also well maintained aircraft. Its location provides multiple landscapes/private fields, and hard surface airports within short flight distance.

This type of environment helps aviators build a portfolio of pilot skills which exceeds PTS standards. Thanks to an exceptional knowledgeable instructor like Charles A. Lewis, Jr.

– Arturo Salazar / Connecticut