Learning To Fly a Tailwheel – Jonathan O’Connor

Jonathan O'Conner - Tailwheel Endorsement

Jonathan O’Conner – Tailwheel Endorsement

Flying with Charles Lewis was the best time I have ever had in an airplane. He is an experienced instructor who has the unique capability to tailor his instruction to your personal abilities with ease.

His love for aviation, and heart to serve shines through. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about flying tail wheel, just flying for fun, buying your own airplane, or increasing your skill level to go learn from him.

Whether you have 0 hours or 10,000 you will be a better pilot after flying with Charles.

Thank you Charles Lewis!

– Jonathan O’Connor / Lynchburg, Virginia

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Tail-Dragger Endorsement – Robert Schellenberg

“Butt Doctor gets Tail-Dragger Endorsement”

Certainly one of the things on my bucket list as a private pilot has been to obtain a tail-wheel endorsement. I have always heard that this would improve your flying skills, as well as being a lot of fun. I finally took action on the recommendation of Frank Kidd to call Charles Lewis at South Oaks Aerodrome (05N) in Winterville, North Carolina. Charles recommended that we set aside several days versus flying an hour or two at a time. We penciled in the last week of January and fortunately the weather cooperated. I drove down last Friday afternoon to his public use airport which he had built in 2007. It is an 1800 foot grass strip with both T-hangars as well as hangar houses on location.

Robert Schellenberg - Tail-Dragger Endorsement

Robert Schellenberg – Tail-Dragger Endorsement

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Stick and Rudder – Arturo Salazar

Arturo Salazar

Arturo Salazar

A skill set that is now vivid/lost in a world of modern jet aircraft. As a General Aviation pilot I value this skill set. I strongly believe any aviator without a thorough knowledge of operating tailwheel aircraft is a pilot unaware of the safety issues that could end a career or their life.

This is why I did my research, and found a quality, safe school that made flying fun and educational. South Oaks Aerodrome (05N) not only provides a friendly face, but also well maintained aircraft. Its location provides multiple landscapes/private fields, and hard surface airports within short flight distance.

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Flight Review (BFR) – Marcus Truskey

Marcus Truskey - Flight Review (BFR)

Marcus Truskey – Flight Review (BFR)

I had a wonderful experience with Charles instructing me. If you want a BFR and 5 hours of training to barely get you by, go somewhere else! If you want to be a better and safer pilot that can really handle a taildragger, this is for you. Highly recommended and I plan on visiting again.

– Marcus Truskey

Tailwheel Endorsement – Tom Barth

If you’ve been thinking about it at all, just do it!

Allow me to explain. I’ve been fortunate enough to be flying pretty regularly for 17 years now. I’ve flown quite a few different airframes, and enjoyed most of them (a couple of anemic 152’s had me less than thrilled during hot summer takeoffs, but even they were lots of fun once I got some altitude).

Tailwheel Endorsement - Tom Barth

Tailwheel Endorsement – Tom Barth

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Sport Pilot Flight Instruction – Chuck Horrell

Sport Pilot Flight Instruction - Chuck Horrell

Sport Pilot Flight Instruction – Chuck Horrell

Having just completed a 3-month course of flight instruction with Charles Lewis which resulted in my Sport Pilot license, I thought I would write an open letter to anyone considering taking similar instruction. I spent a fair amount of time talking to different flight instructors and people who had been through the process before getting started, trying to find an instructor to teach the style of flying that I felt had drawn me to aviation in the first place. My interest is not in working my way up to a commercial license and pursuing a career in flying, although I can definitely understand the allure that a path like that holds for some people. I first came to flying through an appreciation for the basic airplanes themselves – the elegant design that allows a human to experience the joy of getting off the ground and adding a third dimension to their travels.

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